Raising the Resistance

(March 3, 2017; Editorial, The Socialist Worker): “Though it’s still in its formative stages, the resistance to Trump’s presidency is causing a higher level of left-wing radicalization, political discontent and struggle than the U.S. has seen in years…. But that won’t stop the Trump presidency by itself. His administration is locked on full-steam-ahead in attempting to drive through his reactionary agenda. As massive as the opposition to Trump has been already, the resistance will need to grow bigger still–its politics need to deepen and radicalize, and the level and forms of its struggles need to expand. The mobilization of determined opposition to Trump has won some victories … and it has given rise to another ‘unprecedented’: The greatest opportunities in a generation for the U.S. left to expand the influence of its politics and the reach of its organizations, which are necessary conditions to raising the resistance to a new level….”

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