Normalize the Resistance

(March 15, 2017; Staff, Resistance Times): If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already gotten the memo that THIS IS #NOTNORMAL! It’s important to keep remembering that, since as time passes even the abnormal can become normalized, and because as resilient beings we have a great capacity to adapt to even extreme conditions. Nonetheless, behold #TheIdesOfTrump and always remember that #ShePersisted — and so will we! Some tips:

  • #Resistance isn’t only about large-scale demonstrations and mobilizations: it’s also small and steady work.
  • We can #resist in every facet and moment of our lives, from how we eat and transport to who we try to be.
  • While #TheResistance is an important gathering point, the many resistances within it are what make it so.
  • People before us, and in the present, have struggled against injustice: we can too, if we #Resist & #Persist.
  • There are so many incredible groups forming and Resources being developed right now: create yours too!
  • We are in this for the “long haul” — & #TheResistance can become the baseline for a new world emerging.
  • There will always be challenges, but if we work together our #resistance can bring solidarity & even unity.
  • Above all else, remember that to #resist is to exist, this moment is not the norm, & #WeAreTheAvalanche!

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