Redactivism: Righting the Record

(March 23, 2017; Ellie Shechet, Jezebel): “President Trump recently participated in an interview with Time Magazine’s Michael Scherer for a cover story about his relationship with the truth. Predictably, this conversation really tested the limits of irony. In the full transcript of the interview published by Time, Trump lies a lot, says a number of half-true things, does not admit he was incorrect to link Ted Cruz’s father with Lee Harvey Oswald, foists responsibility for his inaccuracies onto media reports that he misrepresents, says the word ‘Brexit’ 11 times, and forms sentences like ‘Brussels, I said, Brussels is not Brussels.’ But, listen, some of it was fine! In the transcript below, we have redacted everything that is not verifiably true. What remains is everything the president said that is definitely true….”

Read the article and the redacted transcript on Jezebel

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