Doing More for Resistance

(April 30, 2017; Leah McElrath, Shareblue): “Have these last 100 days been some of the longest of your life? Are you more exhausted than you thought possible and anxious about the direction the country is heading? If so, you are not alone. But breathe and spend a moment to take this in: Donald Trump has accomplished almost none of his political goals since taking office. And you are what stopped him. Yes, you, the American people. Your participation in protests, your hat-knitting, your telephone calls to Congress, your social media activism, your sign-making, your email and letter writing, your donations to progressive organizations, your showing up at airports to support immigrants, your kindness, your courage, your faith in what this country can achieve when its people come together — all of it mattered…. You — the people of the resistance — rose up and took action. And it is working.”

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