There are a lot of great individuals and organizations providing thought-provoking and action-inspiring content for these times, and beyond. This is not an exhaustive list but just a few sites that you might find useful, informative, and/or entertaining. Also check out our RESOURCES page for links to other important materials.



Democracy Now!: Independent Global News

Common Dreams: for the progressive community

Truthout: a powerful and independent voice…

The Guardian: “The Resistance Now” series 

The Nation: guide to the “sprawling new resistance”

The AdvocateThe Resistance: collected articles

Yahoo News: The Resistance Report (G. Franke-Ruta)

New Clear Vision: constructive commentary…

PeaceVoice: syndicating public intellectual opinion

Waging Nonviolence: people-powered news/analysis

Writers Resist: creative expressions of resistance

Resist Blog: online community inspired by Indivisible action, people, issues, news, articles

Resistance Report: social justice, equal rights, anti-war


David Rovics: Trump Protest Playlist (Soundcloud)

Emma’s Revolution: music, politics, peace (YouTube channel)

Kimo Nevius: The Trump Chronicles (playlist)

Keith Olbermann: The Resistance (YouTube)

Robert Reich: The Resistance Report (YouTube)

Free Press: Podcasts to Sustain You During the Resistance

David Moriya: Resistance Photography Project

Resistance Resources: Memes and Images to Share

Nasty Women Project: Stories from Liberal Women

Sanctuary Restaurants: A Place at the Table for Everyone

Rover Goods: *clever*creative*cosmic*conscious*


ACLU-People Power: Resistance Trainings and Actions

Center for Biological Diversity: Pledge of Resistance

Earth2Trump: Resistance to Attack on Envt. & Civil Rights

The DJTR on Facebook: The Resistance to Donald J. Trump

The DJT Resistance: Boycott Trump website

The TRM on Facebook: Trump Resistance Movement

99 Ways to Fight Trump: do one, do them all, do something

Americans United Against Trump: compilation of links

The Ides of Trump: Postcard/Letter Writing Campaigns

Trump Human Rights Tracker: project of Columbia Law School

One Billion Rising: Solidarity Against Exploitation of Women

Our States: Reject Trump’s Agenda in Every State Democracy in Action

Re:Act: Email Campaign Mailing List & Archive 

Action Now: Daily Email of Suggested Actions Make Your Voice Heard

2 Hours a Week: Fostering Civic Engagement

Wall-of-Us: Four Acts of Resistance Each Week

Rogan’s List: Today’s To-Do List for the Resistance

Rise Stronger: Monitor and Hold Govt. Accountable

Resist Here: Every Tuesday at a Congressional Office

Resistbot: Turn Text Messages into Letters to Congress

Resistance Resources: Formerly Known as Pantsuit Resources

Action Alliance: Collaboration of Call-to-Action Sites/Apps

NPR: Who are the Watchdog Groups in the Resistance Network?

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