These links include a wide range of resources across a spectrum of strategies, curated for readers with differing sensibilities. We’re not prioritizing or advocating any particular perspectives here, but simply sharing them for purposes of discussion and mobilization. One thing is clear: it’s going to take all hands on deck to turn things around.



Center for Constitutional Rights: Tools and Resources (rights, trainings, organizing)

Former Congressional Staffers: The Indivisible Guide (politicians, campaigns, democracy)

Swing Left: Take Back the House (campaigns, voting, maps, mobilization, elections)

ACLU: People Power (local-level campaigns and organizing for “Freedom Cities”)

Contacting Congress: Be an Active Participant in Democracy (contacts, representatives)

Immigrant Defense Project: Toolkit to Prepare & Protect Communities (rights, resources)

AltoTrump: Know Your Rights (resources, downloads, information in English and Spanish)

NNIRR (Immigrant & Refugee Rights): Resources for the Trump Era (rights, actions)

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): Digital Privacy at the Border (rights, policies)

Western States Center: Resources for Resistance (tools, security, technology, defense)

Resist Here: Action Toolkit (planning guide for action organizers)

Stay Woke: Resistance Manual (issues, education, actions, readings, more)


Women’s March: Ongoing Actions and Resources (organizing, mobilization, network)

Bill Moyers & Co.: Trump Resistance Plan (knowledge, mobilization, actions)

Huffington Post: Essential Online Resources (networking, tracking, movements)

Common Dreams tag/articles: Trump Resistance (news, organizing, resources)

Fusion: What Now? Resources for Resistance (LGBTQ, voting, rights, organizing)

Bitch Media: Ten Ways to Resist Donald Trump (activism, skills, organizing)

BUST: Thirteen Resources for the Resistance Against Trump (actions, support)

George Lakoff: Ten Points for Democracy Activists (knowledge, power, network)

George Lakey: Ten Point Plan to Stop Trump and Gain Justice (campaigns, actions)

Citizenship & Social Justice: Resources for Resisting Trump (compilation, links)

Action Against Trump: Concrete Action Resources (alerts, survival, education, more)


Rational Insurgent: “What Can I Do?” A Living Guide to #TheResistance (resources)

Canvas Core Curriculum: Guide to Effective Nonviolent Struggle (tactics, strategies)

Mashable10 Essential Apps for Protesting (safety, security, logistics, support)

Critical Resistance: Resources (abolitionism, prison-industrial complex, tools)

MobilizeU: Campus Teach-in Toolkit (environment, climate justice, organizing)

Resistance Studies Network: Critical Studies on Resistance (scholarship, research)

Trump Syllabus: Version 2.0 (pre-election); Version 3.0 (post-inauguration)

Zinn Education Project: Teaching After the Election of Trump (lessons, materials)

Resistance School: Practical Skills for Taking Back America (free online courses)


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