An ‘Extraordinary and Powerful’ Resistance

(March 28, 2017; Democracy Now!): “I think the resistance that arose immediately after the election, and that continues to be active on immigration and human rights and climate and everything else, is extraordinary and powerful and like nothing I’ve ever seen…. So one of the things I’ve been writing about … is just trying to remind people that this is a long process, that we may be in, you know, the early stages of really redefining what democracy is going to mean in this nation, reforming the systems that were already moribund and stagnant before — you know, Trump is a consequence of a dysfunctional system, not a cause of it. So we have enormous transformative work to do. And people are actually doing it. If we keep at it, if we’re smart, if we’re skillful, if we’re more passionate about solidarity than the kind of perfectionism of nitpicking small differences, I think that extraordinary things could happen, not that they’re guaranteed. It depends on what we do. But it’s an exciting and even exhilarating moment, as well as a heart-rending and terrifying one. And those things can coexist.”

Read/watch the whole interview on Democracy Now!

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