Will ‘The Resistance’ Resist War?

(April 12, 2017; Dan Kovalik, Huffington Post): “Simultaneously with Trump’s Inauguration, the liberal ‘opposition’ announced the beginning of ‘The Resistance’ against Trump’s openly racist and xenophobic reign. Most notably, ‘The Resistance’ protested in airports against Trump’s ban of immigrants from seven Muslim nations. I myself participated in such demonstrations. Trump’s administration otherwise got off to a rocky start, with courts shooting down both of Trump’s attempts at the Muslim ban, with the White House in seeming disarray, with the failed attempt to repeal and replace .Obamacare,’ and with Trump and his band of misfits becoming the butt of endless jokes. All of this helped pull Trump’s poll records down to record lows for this time in an Administration. But then, something happened – Trump bombed Syria on April 6. And, incredibly, he was cheered on by Republicans and Democrats alike, his polls shot up, and ‘The Resistance’ was mute if not supportive of Trump’s ‘act of courage.’…

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