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(April 17, 2017; John Cassidy, The New Yorker): “Saturday was mild and cloudy in Philadelphia—good marching weather for the thousands of anti-Trump protestors who gathered at City Hall and made their way down Market Street to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The atmosphere was upbeat — festive, almost. Many members of the crowd were carrying homemade signs, and their chants filled the spring air: ‘What do we want? Trump’s tax returns. When do we want it? Now.’ ‘We want a leader, not a tax cheater. We want a leader, not a friggin’ tweeter.’ Eighty-five days into the Trump Presidency, similar scenes played out across the country: from Los Angeles to Boston, from Seattle to Raleigh. In Palm Beach, about three thousand people kicked up a racket near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, where the President was spending yet another weekend….”

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