Where Do We Go from Here?

The road ahead is destined to be anything but easy to traverse. No matter what ensues later, we have accrued a massive debt already in terms of lost social progress and impending environmental catastrophes. However, we have also begun building up a repository of tools, communities, and networks to mobilize for positive change.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride, for sure — but the more widespread and dynamic the contact points are between our efforts, the smoother things may be, as we create a web of resistance that can absorb the jolts collectively instead of bearing them in isolation and despair. This is what it looks like when people find common purpose in struggle.

This is #resistance, the capacity to do together what no one can do alone. It’s as much about finding each other in solidarity and compassion as it is calling out the fear and divisiveness in our midst. It’s about love as a force to defeat hate, which is the basis for all social change when you get to the core. Power comes from the energy of light.

We stand today in awestruck wonder at the venality of public discourse and the willingness of people to rise up against it. “In a dark time, the eye begins to see,” wrote Roethke, and this is such a moment. We can be the designers of a better world, the muses to inspire generations, the ones who showed up when it mattered most. #RESIST

The future remains unwritten, and the signpost up ahead points toward a road that is being built as we walk it. We started this project at a critical turning point, called forth by a crisis that threatens the fabric of the present and the prospects for the future. “Resistance Times” is just a placeholder for this moment, and the next one, forward…

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